Healthy challenge

DISCLAIMER  I will not be going on about detoxing eating only bananas or any miraculous pills that Magic the extra kilos away. That is poppycock and we all know that. 


It has dawned I me that I am going back to work in just under 11 weeks. If that wasn’t enough of a depressing thought, I discovered that I couldn’t fit in my work clothes. Partly because my body shape has changed but mostly because I haven’t finished losing the “baby weight” I put on during pregnancy. 

There aren’t a millions ways to lose weight, it’s about watching what is on my plate, and exercising. That’s about the size of it. I have monitored by a health trainer, which has got me on the right path, but I am nowhere near the finish line. I’m about half way there really. 

The likelihood of fitting in a size 10 in 11 short weeks is rather unrealistic, as it stand I’m in between 14/16 depending on the clothes, so if I could be a size 12/14 by early August, I could fit in some of my clothes. And if I could aim to be a size 10 by Christmas, I would be super happy.

So now, how does one manage that?

Planning. That’s the one thing I’ve been mighty bad at : meal planning. If I know what I’m cooking, I can order my groceries accordingly and I’ll be less likely to just throw things together last minute (mostly pasta based dish or rice or potatoes… The triumvirate of ‘we-won’t-help-your-case’). In my defence, planning to cook elaborate meals AND cooking them while taking care of a baby is next to impossible. Fortunately as junior gets older, and a little less clingy, it getting easier. The one thing that baby has been great help with is stopping me from mindless snacking. 

So today, armed with various low-fat cookery books and an special food thing by Women’s health magazine, I have started my health food planning resolution.

I’ve started the day with a mighty green smoothie, which was (surprisingly) not only tasty but filling (result!)  

Smoothie of champions
It’s made with honey, chilli flakes, spinach, banana, almond milk. It’s very bish bash bosh, which suits me fine at 6-7am.
Lunch was a bit more difficult as I had to prepare junior’s good and he wasn’t particularly patient so I had a can of tomato soup instead of my planned falafel & bulgur wheat salad (but I’ll eventually have that tomorrow). In theory tonight I am meant to cook a sort of vegetable mousse… Hopefully I will!

On the meantime, it’s time to go out for a walk in the rain! 


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