Star of the (nursery) CCTV

One thing (amongst many others) that sold me on the nursery we picked for Junior was that we’d be able to check on him through the magic of the Internet. Indeed, our nursery has some sort of baby CCTV enabling us to check on Oscar between 9.30 and 11.30 and 14.30 and 16.30.

It’s awesome. It is really eye opening to see how your child behaves with other kids. But it’s also weird and well watching your child fall on his bum and not be there to pick him up, not being the one giving him cuddles when he’s upset about something is rather heart breaking. Fortunately, I’ve mostly seen him being, well, his mischievous self. He cracks me up!

I’ve seen him trying to take away snacks from other kids who weren’t that fussed about eating some apple. I’ve seen him hogging the percussion toys (that’s my boy!!! – and he seems to be pretty good at steadily beating on the toy drums for at least 2min!), I have seen him making a mess the way he does it at home. And I’ve seen him giving cuddles to other kids. Well I’m assuming it’s cuddles, since the ladies in charge didn’t try to separate the kids!

I love watching him do things, he strikes me at being fairly independent. Happy to do his thing on his own, happy to play with other kids. He is getting so close to taking his first steps without holding on to anything it’s scary! Scary good, but scary nonetheless. And I hate the thought of him doing this ‘big’ first without me or his daddy there to see it happening. 

But well that’s life. In the meantime, I can watch him on this baby CCTV and look forward to picking him up in 2 hours! 



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