Well, hello you! 

Hello there friend,

I know, I know, I kept this a tad quiet. The draft section of this blog is full of posts I’ve started but still need a few tweaks before they go live, so you’ll have to beat with me for a little bit longer. ‘Why a little bit longer?’

Because I’m finally going to have a bit of time to blog. ‘How come? What has changed in my life to enable such thing?’ Well that would be because I have quit my job. After a very long and careful consideration of everything, the painful decision to cut the cord and go free falling was made. And I thank my other half for his unwavering support there, because quitting a permanent job when you are married with a young child isn’t a decision I could make on my own. But he knows, just as well as I do, that once I have my head on getting a new job, I will get one.

In the meantime here is a little preview of what will be posted soon:

  • Museums in London with Junior
  • Best places to eat with an infant/toddler
  • Travelling with an infant (trains, planes and automobiles)
  • Baby proofing 
  • Cooking and baking 
  • Work/home balance
  •  Nursery fun and not so fun stuff
  • How I manage to tone down the never ending guilt of not being with Oz every minute of every day
  • Daddy day care

And many other stuff. 

I’ll be sure to tell you all about how Oscar decided to vomit all over me just moments before boarding a Eurostar, how we found out he didn’t like chocolate, how his daddy copes on “daddy day care” days… I am laughing just thinking about the the latter. Or rather I’m laughing thinking of how my darling husband dresses our child when he’s in charge.

I will post all that. Right after I’ve taken Oz to the GP for his 12 months injections. I pinkie swear it 😉


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