Ergo baby 360 my friend and foe

My awesome leaving gift from my previous workplace was this super duper baby carrier. Indeed, I had been quite vocal over the fact that Oz was getting too big for his Baby Bjørn. 

Using the Ergo baby is tricky, but when someone’s around (mainly my husband because it feels weird asking random people to hook/unhook me from behind but that may be because I’m phrasing it wrong) it’s great. It’s comfy for both myself and junior. So it’s great. I’ve managed to attach it myself a few times with Oz facing forward / facing me, but undoing one of the thingy at the back is proving tricky. Mind you I have small arms and I’m not that great in yoga (can just about master the Tree position without keeling over.)

Now what is like to do, is using it with Oz on my hip or on my back.

Tried both position whilst watching the videos on loop for about an hour. A whole hour. 

The lady makes it look so easy. Check the instruction section here. Except it did t quite go according to plan. Granted, my toddler was a lot more wiggly than baby Robin and baby Matthew BUT STILL. My husband had a good laugh. And when I struggled the most, which was when attempted the back position, all he could say was “considering you’re half African, carrying your child on your back like that should come naturally”. While I’m sure my African foremothers used to carry my ancestors on their back, I highly doubt they had to fiddle with that many straps and dongles. Beside, when I was pregnant we did try some of those scarf baby holder thing, and well let’s just say thanks goodness the baby in the scarf was a doll and leave it at that. 

Meanwhile, Oscar, whilst wiggly, thoroughly enjoyed being attached to my hip (literally as opposed to metaphorically for once) but loved being on my back as he felt like he was riding some kind of pony, with my hair as a mane he had to pull in order to give me directions. Like a horse/pony. 

I still had to rely on my other half to undo the straps and get Oz out of it. 

I like the Ergobaby 360, I really do. But I did find the Baby Bjørn so much easier to use on my own, I wish Oz wasn’t so heavy so we’d get to use it some more. Truly. 

I’ve Twitted ErgoBaby so hopefully they’ll be able to give me some pointers, because it truly is a superb baby carrier and my back doesn’t hurt after a couple of hours when I travel with Ozbug. 



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