Parenting skyving for the day 

Today, husband and I sort of did the grown up / parents equivalent to playing hooky.
Indeed, we dropped (figuratively yeah, we’re not that kind of parents) Oz to nursery while we painted the town red. Well maybe more a nice shade of pink, after all we’re not that wild and carefree anymore, ’cause you know, we still had to be done with our antics by 5pm to pick up junior from nursery.
So yeah, we took a day off to celebrate 2 things: our wedding anniversary AND my birthday: my Birthniversary 😎

What did we do? A lot. We had a romantic breakfast in central London, then a morning at the British Museum, then a lovely lunch and an afternoon wandering around and pretending we were on the Iron Throne. 

And you know what we also did A LOT? Yup, we talked about Junior and how he would have like this and that. We even looked at his photos. I think we behaved as if we hadn’t seen Oz in days and we’re not going to see him for a few more weeks. In a nutshell, having a day off parenting was weird. It was lovely to have some ‘us’ time, but since we haven’t had any ‘us’ time in over 19 months, it was plain weird. It felt like we had left him behind somewhere, that it was just, well, weird. Unsettling.

I think we should have more ‘days off’ parenting, to make it less weird. After all, there’ll be a day (in a not-so-near future) when junior will fly the coop so we’d better be prepared. Plus it’s nice. I mean it is really nice to have your other half’s undivided attention. 

Oz had a fantastic day full of fun and messy activities (considering that he had 4 outfits change), and I don’t think he realised that his dad and I played hooky. Fair to say that it’s an experience to be renewed sooner rather than later.


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