Big boy’s underwears.

And so it begins… Buying ‘boy pants’ instead of just baby vest 😳 I feel like I’m going to blink once more and bam he’ll be asking for boxer shorts that he wants to pick himself 😳😢
It’s the little things that make you realise how ruddy fast your baby’s growing. 

Potty training is just round the corner too, since the little man is now starting to tell us about wee-wee and poo-poo (We’ve got to thanks Nursery for those terms, not that we’d have come up with something better but…). Well he tells us about it AS IT HAPPENS. Like he’s playing, then stops, stare at me (it’s usually me) and says W or P (or both : poo-wee, that’s his combo name), and then he’ll either take my hand and lead me to where I’ll change his nappy or carry on as normal if he is really into whatever he was doing.  πŸ˜

When it comes to ‘potty training’ I am not going to force it upon him. I’m going to get the toilet adapter thing and a step, so he can use our loo. Call me crazy, but I genuinely do not get how teaching him to pee/poop in a potty that would, inevitably, be kept downstairs as there’s no room to swing a cat in our bathroom and there’s no chance I’d ever want to keep this in his bedroom (or ours), is the right thing to do.

Hear me out, going to the loo is a bit of a private thing. I mean you don’t go do your business right in front of everybody right? So why should it be any different for him? Obviously for the duration of training I or my husband will be tagging along, but I’d rather get him used to having his moment in the comfort of a restroom/bathroom/loo/lavatory/call it as you like. 

Also, by not using a potty, I remove the odds of him trying to carry the potty, play with it when it’s full, empty it on the carpet etc etc. I have a lot of nieces and nephews, I’ve been a nanny. I’ve been a first hand witness to kids (with mischievous minds) playing with their potty. I doesn’t take a long time for them to do something insane. You blink and bam, you go from congratulating them on a job well done to trying to salvage the remote from said potty. And all you did was lose your focus while you were set to wipe their bum. 😐

That’s not to say that Oz will not do stupid thing with the bathroom’s throne. I have no doubt that he will. Heck, he’s already sacrificed a few FULL toilet rolls to appease the porcelain goddess, but at least,except for those rolls, we don’t keep anything remotely precious in the bathroom (so less chance to go fishing for the remote, or have our own ‘Trainspotting’ moment).

So yeah, BamBam is growing up. And fast. He’s already refusing our help with his bottles (I really did try to keep that going for as long as I could…), he wants to eat all by himself, with a fork too!, he wants to help himself with whatever goes into his bowl/plate, he wants to help with everything : vacuuming, getting clothes in the washing mashing, in and out of the dryer, he wants to mop the floor… If he can keep that up I’m sorted with house chores, but I’m fairly sure the novelty of helping out with these will wear out around the time he’s 12. 

When it’s book time, he flicks the pages and gibberjabber the story to us (60% is gobbledygook, 40% is recognisable words), only when it’s early in the morning or close to bedtime will he let us read him the stories (and we get those amazing snuggles).

So yeah, these tiny boy pants made me sad. And happy too. I mean I can’t stop him from growing up. But it’s sad to see him grow so fast. Then again it’s taking us a step closer to finding out what a super awesome boy he’s going to turn out to be. And that is pretty great in itself 😎


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