We ❤️ Books

“Book”was amongst the first recognisable words Oz uttered. Before that, he would point at them or grab one and expect you to get the message and get on with telling him the stories. 

Books are awesome. Husband and I are major bookworms, so it’s not a big surprise that Oscar’s joined in with devouring books. Literally. He used books as tethers, he’s chomped on books… Many a time did I have to fish out chunks of books from his mouth. 

Fortunately, we’re over the literally kind of devouring books, for the more figuratively kind. 

I love that he loves books. It’s a great thing to love. I sure hope he’s taking a leaf from his cousins’ books (see what I did there!) and keep that up. 

He loves to point and tell us in his goobledigook way the stories. He loves to turn pages. And he’s starting to interrupt us to add to the story. 

At the moment he’s really into Dr Seuss’s books. These are fairly new to me, I didn’t have these books growing up. See, these would get lost in translation – I think. They are pretty great. I think my favourite is Oh, the Places you’ll go! Because it really does sums up what growing up is and also tell him in rhymes that while life won’t always be easy, there’s nothing to stop him from going places and doing stuff.

Dr Seuss aside, some of Oz’s favourite books are:

  • Anything with Dinosaurs
  • Peppa Pig with a hand puppet that’s coming out of it like the Alien thing 
  • Mr Men books
  • Tintin 
  • The Smurfs
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Winnie the Pooh: hello You (has a mirror in it)
  • This is not my : penguin, rabbit, car…
  • The Gruffalo
  • Where the Wild things are
  • Thomas the Tank engine
  • Baby’s very first touchy-freely playbook
  • Listen to the music/ the pets / the farm (nosy crow books) – these also introduce music/sound to junior. Oz often tries to imitate whatever he hears. 

Books are great. I can’t wait for Oz to be older and over his ‘book destroyer’ phase (he’s pretty much out of it in as much as he doesn’t chew on them, but he can be a bit rough on them still) and we’ll go to the local Library to choose our next books to read ☺️


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