Tayto Park – fun outside Dublin

If your travels take you to the Emerald Isle, do stop by Tayto Park in Co.Meath!

Granted, it’s not quite Disneyland or Europa Park BUT great fun to be had. Considering that Tayto is well, a brand of crisps, I must confess that I thought that this was a massive piss take. I mean who thinks of building an amusement park around a crisp factory (which you can get a tour of by the way!)

It’s got a zoo, a petting zoo, some zip wire thing, the craziest roller coaster I’ve ever done (The Cú Chulainn Coaster – pronounce it Coo Cull-ann Coaster-), loads of fun stuff for kids, there even some sort of Dino world!

 Food is decent and portions are massive (don’t bother ordering anything but from the children menu, one kid’s portion is big enough to feed a small army), cost wise, not bad at all, €15 per adult, and if you pay an extra €15 you get a wristband to get on to every ride you want. Since a token is €1 and most rides are 2 tokens, if you plan on going on several rides and/or if you have a kid, I’d suggest you get wristbands. 
If I’m not mistaken a family pass (membership) – 2adults and 2 kids- valid for a year costs €155. As I can imagine that Tayto Park is mighty popular with kids, a membership seems like the best thing to get. We definitely would get one if we lived closer. 

My only tiny bugbear about this place is that it’s seriously lacking of shelters. Hear me out. This is Ireland, a country which, just like England, can see all 4 seasons in a day. Having somewhere to find shelter when it’s suddenly starting to rain (something Noah would have thought was the reason he had to build an ark) would not be a luxury. True there are a few shops to run into, but they are surprisingly few and far between and well, there’s not super massive either. Today for instance we got rained on 3 times. And it wasn’t a nice drizzle. It was biblical. So yeah, a few shelters would be a nice touch.

Shelters (or lack thereof) aside, I give this park the thumbs up and we look forward to coming back there soon! 


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