Birthday Party at Little Dinosaurs, Alexandra Palace

So after months of careful planning, we finally had Oscar’s birthday party yesterday.

While this whole thing felt like I was re-living the planning of our wedding (complete with last minute panic over birthday cake but I shan’t bore you with that here!) it went without a hitch and was an absolute success.

Little Dinosaurs exceeded our expectations. The staff there were extremely friendly, laid back and oh so organised! Not to mentions that they were really swift at replying to emails.

The venue is not massive BUT big enough to contain I’d say 30-45 kids on a very busy day. The activity area is very well maintained, really safe (to the point it felt fine letting Oscar go do his own thing). Because it’s netted throughout you can pretty much see your child’s progress without necessary being in it yourself, but it’s SO much fun that going will be fun and enjoyable for both yourself and your kid.

I mean look at these!

This wrecking ball thing was a great hit (no pun intended)! The kids LOVED it! 

So activities were a hit, but what about the food? I can imagine you wonder. Well the food was delicious, and they definitely don’t do portions on the small side either! Granted, we were expecting 15 kids and ultimately they were 7 including 2 infants, but still! 

The sandwiches were even shaped like dinosaurs!! For my Dino mad toddler that was the height of awesomeness. There was fresh fruits, vegetables, pizza and pombears. As for the drinks, there was a choice of water, orange cordial and ribena. The kids were happy. 

Grown ups food was amazing too. Everything was served on Olive Wood boards:

  • Homemade Humus & Avocado dip 
  • Grilled Halloumi
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • Courgette pancake
  • olives, artichoke, crudités’ 
  • Pitta bread

We were 11 adults, and even though everybody ate with gusto, there was still so much leftovers that the staff kindly packed everything up for us, and well, to put it mildly, I won’t need to cook until tomorrow’s dinner!

The birthday cake was lovely, despite the fact that I didn’t get to bake it (yup, a very sore point for me), and Oscar really didn’t waste a second when it came to blowing his 2 candles!

Little Dinosaurs provided party bags for the children, and these were pretty cool fun  activity pack. We topped these up with Dino books from the Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs – which Oscar really love- and dinosaur shaped bubble mix.

Everything went well. Granted, just like on our wedding day we had cancellations on the day, and just like that day, we just rolled with it. It can’t be helped that children will be sick on the day or parents thought the party was at another time. These things happens.

I was a bit disappointed purely because, like our wedding day, this was a one off. Indeed we are going to wave goodbye to London in 2017. So it’d have been nice to not only have all of Oscar’s best buddies with him, but also spend some time with their parents (because they truly are awesome people). But hey, life happens and hopefully we’ll manage to organise one last get together before we leave the UK for good. 

Anyhoo, we strongly recommend parents to give a go to Little Dinosaurs, may it be for a fun party or a play date. We’re sure to be going back there, there’s even a bouncy castle outside!!! What is there not to like?!


Little Dinosaurs webpage 


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