Clissold Park, Stoke Newington

Sunny morning at Clissold Park, Stoke Newington. 

Fantastic playground with lots of slides and sand. I wish there were more swings (only 2) but fantastic place to run around. Oz had a blast there playing with two of his best buddies, Leon & Eloise. 

The playground felt safe, Oscar did take a few tumbles but was happy to pick himself up and carry on. The ground is covered in some softish thing that bounce when you walk on it. I’ll admit that it was rather slippery (sand + water on wood planks is surprisingly slippery) so I would advise parents and carers to wear good footwear, avoid anything with flat soles)

There’s a lovely café nearby which has a great kids’ menu of pizza or sausage and mash. You can get a pizza, an apple and a drink for your kidlet for £4.95 (or was it £5.95?). Tasty pizza too I must add (oz ate his pizza and nearly half of his lunch buddy…). There’s a changing area for babies in the main building (handy when your kid really need a change of clothes after playing in the sand / wet slides) . They have high chairs, and that’s mighty handy!

The park itself is big, busy. Lots of dogs too. You may have a few over excited puppies jumping around and/or on you. Few “lakes” with swans, ducks and water hens. All in all a fun park to go to run around and play. 


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