Toys for boys, toys for girls?

I have got the feelings that gender specific toys are not something of the past just yet.

It bothers me no end that someone somewhere has decided what my boy should / should not play with.

However, since I completely disregard what people think about what my boy plays with (just as I don’t care what they think over my boy wearing pink shirts), I make sure he has the toys that:

  1. He loves to play with
  2. Will teach him to be caring and gentle 
  3. Will help his gross and fine motor skills 
  4. Will teach him that house chores & kitchen work etc are not just a woman’s realm. 

I have spent time in his nursery, out of his sight, to see what he was playing with out there and how he was playing with others etc. And it taught me that he’s happy to play with a doll (he has a specific doll there that he considers his, it’s a beautiful black haired, dark skinned doll that he really doesn’t like sharing), he loves to play pretend cooking/baking, he loves to play with anything related to  building, construction, trains, painting… in a nutshell he plays with absolutely EVERYTHING. Whether labelled girly or boyish. One of his besties in nursery, lovely Eloise, absolutely loves playing with trucks. It was rather cool to see them playing alongside each other, him with a doll, her with a monster truck. 

At home, he loves painting and baking and running and playing with pipe cleaners and trains and soft toys.

Toys are toys. Why should I stop him from playing with a doll? Why should I stop him to play pretend cooking or ironing? 

At the end of the day, these are activities he will do ‘for real’ when hes older. He will definitely have to learn to go shores, cook, care for young children, such as his own if he wants/has any. 

It annoys me to be bombarded by adverts in the run up to Christmas with girls playing with dolls and boys playing with monster trucks. Or how pink is for girls and blue is for boys. It’s crazy. Colours are colours. Toys are toys.

This year, Santa & co are bringing Oz a mix of trains, cooking stuff, books and some more of those Happy Land toys. 

I don’t want Oscar to grow up with preconceived ideas of what is ok for boys and what is ok for girls. True boys and girls are differents, but they are also the same. I don’t want him to dismiss something because someone somewhere has decided that it was not acceptable for a boy to do this/that. That applies  to his future choice of a profession. I don’t want him to think that anything is off limit on account of his gender. That’s ridiculous. Whether he wants to be a fireman or a nurse. A secretary or a chef. Nothing ought to be gender specific. And whatever he choses to do, he’ll have my unwavering support (as long as it’s not something like Evil OverLord. That is a no). 

And this begins with his choice of toys. He can play with everything (so long as it’s not dangerous that is!). Whether pink or blue.


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