So we kept things a bit quiet…

There are many reasons why this blog has been quiet. Let me tell them all (in no logical order)

  1. My job has been/still is keeping me incredibly busy, and what ‘free’ time I have, Its all about my family. I did post sporadically on FaceBook because that never takes me long. But here, I feel like I owe it to myself & to whoever reads this to actually spend time to be somewhat articulate and post some pictures. 
  2. We have been travelling a bit. I’m still polishing my blog about it, it’s taking me a while because there been 2 trips, both were absolutely great but our last trip, well that trip wasn’t just EPIC, it was quite possibly the best family holiday we’ve had, so watch this space.
  3. I had a bit of a mishap & broke my ankle. While I agree that I do not type with my feet, this has been a major hindrance. Not least because 6 months later my ankle isn’t quite back to right. 
  4. But the biggest reason of all, was a bit of a secret. So look at this picture carefully and I’m sure you’ll get the secret

Yup, you got it. Baby number to is on his/her way. This amazing surprise was well, a surprise. While with Oscar I was ready to tell everybody the moment we saw the pink lines, with this baby, I was a lot more cautious. To be frank, I kept wanting for something to happen. I was terrified I’d miscarry or goodness knows what. Why? Well, I had a few ‘unprotected’ X-rays because of my ankle, I drank quite a bit over the Christmas / January period, I took painkillers because of my ankles, I tripped and fell on my belly, I even had some bleeding. To say that I kept bracing for the worse is a mild understatement. Why? Because so many of my friends have had miscarriage and other issues, I just couldn’t get my head around this happen to ‘others only’. I cannot explain what a beautiful sight it was to see the little bean’s beating heart, and when we got to see the little one’s head, feet, hands, body, everything bring absolutely perfect.  Or the sheer joy to get test results telling me that baby is perfect and that everything is ok. 

I also felt some guilt over getting pregnant ‘so easily’ when so many of my friends are struggling. It’s very hard to tell a friend you’re pregnant when she’s just had a miscarriage. It’s very difficult to tell a friend with fertility issues that once again you’re having a child. It’s very difficult to explain that feeling. I just wish & hope that my friends will have their happy endings soon, they sure do deserve it. 

Oscar has really taken it to his stride that he was going to be a big brother. His main concern upon being told the news, was why on eart did I eat the baby?! That’s the logical explanation for a toddler that for a baby to be in my belly, I had to eat it first. I’ll be honest, I wingged my answer, but whatever I told him, he was cool about it. Everyday he gives cuddles to baby, sing songs and ask baby to come out soon. He’s rather eager to have a new playmate. 

As for how the pregnancy is going? Well I’m still enjoying the thrill of ‘morning sickness’, Its not as bad as it used to be, but it’s still not much fun. The heatwave we’ve had in London was a b-tch. That heat really didn’t work for me, tube journeys were as hell as can be, so much heat! Thanks goodness we have a/c at work. My cravings are a bit odd, once again I can’t have enough of fish, and I enjoy random food combination (raspberry jam & fish for instance), olives and tomatoes, water & lemon. Those ones aren’t too bad. But all in all, I can’t complain. Baby’s a wanna be Chuck Norris, just as Oscar was. With a lot of round kicks being dealt at night. My workmates are a bit mesmerised by my moving belly and keep suggesting baby names, some being pretty cool, some being a bit too ‘out there’ for my liking. Husband and I have a few names lined up, but just like with Oz, we’ll probably figure out what’s the best name for baby once he/she is born. Only took us all but a second to say Oscar’s name! He was born looking like an Oscar. 

So yeah, 2017 is already quite busy and will keep on being busy it seems. I’m working until the bitter end so as to maximise my 52 weeks maternity leave. I think my bosses are a bit worried I’ll go in labour at my desk, which I seriously doubt since Oscar was close to 2 weeks overdue. My main concern (giving birth aside) is trying to avoid baby to arrive on Oscar’s birthday, but that really won’t be up to me… 

On that lovely note, time for me indulge in some delicious oven cooked fish 😄


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